Kingdom: The Blood is an action game based on a popular TV series.

Fight through intense battles and reach your goal in zombie-infested Joseon. See the beauty of Korea as you overcome challenges,
and work together with your friends to defeat overwhelming bosses with diverse attack patterns.
Beauty of traditional Korea

The traditional Korean clothing and unique architectural styles made with high quality graphics can be seen throughout the gameplay.
The way the clothes flutter during an action skill, various traditional clothing like the ‘gat,’
and the realistic reproduction of the traditional building’s minute details like the curvature of the roof tiles can all be seen as you venture through the game.
You can relive the beauty of Korea that captured the world.

Fun in control-based action

You can create your own action by combining different skills.
Enjoy strategic action sequence that gives satisfaction with each hit.

Threatening and terrifying zombie battles

You will face hordes of zombies with melee weapons.
Zombies appear suddenly, runs fast, and attacks menacingly.
Experience a grueling zombie battle.

Monsters and bosses with unique attack patterns

In addition to the zombies, human-form enemies and bosses appear as the difficulty level increases.
The unique movements and appearances will captivate the players.

Various battle modes

Fight challenging bosses with your friends.
Enjoy 1 on 1 battle with other players.
When you clear the single player mode with a certain difficulty,
a new mode with a completely different gameplay will be opened.